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Would you care for some uncomfortably sexual company logos?

Of course you would.


Sci-Fi Bracketology!

The Matrix v. Brazil!

The Wrath of Khan v. The Thing!

Akira v. Moon!

It’s the March Madness we’ve all been dreaming about … Vote early and often. (Via Patty O’Toole)

Also, this.


“Baby, you’re drunk.”

What happens in Las Palmas stays in Las Palmas. Via AckAckAckleyDackley.

Pajama Jeans!

The perfect gift for that lady in your life who just doesn’t care anymore.

(Thanks to Sarah for the assist.)


There Will Be Mario Sound Effects

Via CreepyGirl, one of my favorite DJs, here’s all of There Will Be Blood’s melodramatic glory rolled up into a 60 second video game clip.


“The Downfall of America?”

That would be homosexuals, of course.

At least that’s what KETK-NBC would like us to believe. The Texas-based NBC affiliate recently aired an amazing fucking segment speculating that The Gays are Taking Over America, and that this will be its downfall.

Not our useless elected officials, not the corrupt corporations that pull their strings, not the increasingly loud bigots who refer to themselves as “voices of reason” amidst the cacophony of “leftist propaganda.” Homosexuals who have jobs in the government.

The compelling cause-effect relationship that is at the root of this hard-hitting bit of reporting goes something like this:

  1. Barack Obama’s administration has appointed more openly gay people than the last two asshats presidents combined.
  2. This recent study, when decontextualized to the point of stupidity by fundamentalist Christian idiots, can be interpreted to mean that twice as many teens are gay than a decade ago.
  3. Therefore, the Obama administration’s tolerance of homosexuality is breeding gayness among our youth, which will, in turn, be “the downfall of America ….(provocative question mark).”

Yes, I know. The logic takes you back to your days in geometry class, when you were learning about laws of equivalent and complementary angles, except that those were mere laws of mathematics, and this here is a law from God.

J.C. has got to be weeping in some toast right now.

Here’s the video, complete with asshole anchors, an asshole correspondent, a 10-second B-roll montage featuring harrowing scenes of happy homosexuals getting married, hugging, and sitting next to each other at what sort of looks like a Bingo hall (thus proving nowhere is safe) that plays on loop for at least four minutes, and a caller segment that kicks in around minute three, the highlight of which occurs at 3:24 when some homophobic cuntbag declares that “we the people doesn’t count anymore.”

While goodness knows we can’t expect better than this bullshit from Texas, we can from NBC, and I encourage any of you who get as blood-boily about this shit as I do to sign the Courage Campaign’s petition to Jeff Zucker and Steve Burke. Cause if they let shit like this happen on their affiliate stations, they’re really just FOX in sheep’s clothing.

google image of the day, two-fer edition

If you do a search for “cuddly nihilist,” this comes up, thus proving cats rule the interwebs:

Can I haz a universe? aHAHahaHAHHAHA, ahAHAHAHhaAh, haha, hic

So does this, proving that god is dead, and Fox ‘n’ Friends killed him:

"He who laughs best today, will also laugh last." Muahahaha.