Steampunk Palin

I’m sure there are words, but I can’t seem to find them.

Click Sarah's enormous tatas for the full article.

Question to all the comic book lovers in my life: Are you familiar with these artists? Is it possible that they’re kidding? I mean, they’re kidding, right?


Points to Patty O’Toole for the assist.


3 responses to “Steampunk Palin

  1. Her steam enema gun is hawtness.

  2. She pops up in various other comics too, sometimes covertly. Then there’s total crap comics like this with shit artists. Not sure why they make them. I guess someone buys it. When Obama popped up in a Spiderman issue, that one went for stupid bucks and got reprinted like 6 times with variant covers. So stupid.

    Anywho, Cunty P shows up in f’n Riverdale again this week to discuss politics with Archie and Jughead. When will it end?

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