Best of 2010, Muzak Edition


  1. Gemini, Wild Nothing
  2. High Violet, The National
  3. Clinging to a Scheme, The Radio Dept.
  4. Teen Dream, Beach House
  5. Speed Is Everything, The Bomb
  6. Love Remains, How to Dress Well
  7. There Is Love in You, Four Tet
  8. Crystal Castles (II)
  9. Nothing Hurts, Male Bonding
  10. Halcyon Digest, Deerhunter


  1. “Song for the Helenas,” The Bomb
  2. Crown on the Ground,” Sleigh Bells
  3. Live in Dreams,” Wild Nothing
  4. My Old Brittle Bones,” Dreamend
  5. Lemonworld,” The National
  6. Heaven’s on Fire,” The Radio Dept.
  7. Baptism,” Crystal Castles
  8. Hospice Gates,” Lower Dens
  9. Paris Cafes,” The Art Museums
  10. Crush,” Abe Vigoda

As always, I’ve got a mix CD in the works with samplings of most of this stuff on it. Let me know if’n you’d like a copy.


3 responses to “Best of 2010, Muzak Edition

  1. You’re a given, P. O’C.
    Got your copy ready for next time I see you.

  2. Good list, lots of great stuff on here. I’d vote for “Helicopter” off the Deerhunter record, sublime stuff. Yay to mix cds.

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