one down…

"I miss videogames."

As of yesterday at 4:33pm, I am officially done with my first semester of my PhD program.  My reactions to the semester:

  1. Holy crap, that was a lot of work.
  2. Holy crap, my professors are smart.
  3. Holy crap, I get a whole month off now.

Celebration consisted of mole-drenched enchiladas and several episodes of Parks and Recreation. Then Ty put on some fantasy movie from the early ’80s called either Ragewar or The Dungeonmaster in which some dude with a computerized wristband and a foam suit of armor had to complete 7 feats devised by the evil wizard Mestema (aka: Bull from Night Court) in order to save his really annoying girlfriend from an undisclosed but implicitly horrible fate.

I made it all the way to feat 5 before I fell asleep. Which is sort of a feat in itself, am I right?


7 responses to “one down…

  1. A movie like that is liable to starve off whole sections of the brain. There goes that first semester…

    Grats on round 1!

  2. Each fate works on a different part of your brain. So I guess I have two left.

  3. I finished up both of my Graduate courses with A’s. So I am tooting my horn.


  4. Woot! Nice job, dude.

  5. congrats jess! hope you are enjoying the break. school seems like a distant memory to me….holidays are bliss. happy new year!!

  6. oh god, i typed your name. it is out there. on the interwebs. and now i cannot delete it. sorry. i am such a virgin to this blogging thing.

    • Hehe. No worries. First names are pretty untraceable.

      I’m loving the time off, too! Did you guys get your pretty new house all gussied up for Christmas?

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