jtabz, the college years

Whilst going through a box of miscellany from my undergrad dorm room, I stumbled upon this little gem.

The artiste behind the glitter pen has somehow escaped my sieve brain.

Anyone want to take credit? Anyone, anyone?




11 responses to “jtabz, the college years

  1. Very nice.

  2. That would have been right at home back on the Devil’s Elbow. Luscious labias were in full command back then.

  3. what a lovely valentine’s day greeting card sentiment!

    • So I guess this means it’s not from you?
      You were my top guess.

      Does it say bad things about me that I don’t remember who sent me a valentine with the word “labial” on it?

  4. I rarely utilize the word ‘labial’.

    • True. But the crafty sticker-heart construction made me think it might be you.

      Also, you were one of the only people I could think of that it wouldn’t have been creepy to get this from. So I guess there was some wishful thinking in there, too.

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