Old frocks for the old gal.

Someone’s fella got her the gift of vintage shopping for her birthday.

Guess who's going to be a '50s housefrau for Halloween this year?

A week or two back, I wandered into this little consignment shop on Hope Street called Act II on my way home from class. Now that I’m officially a poor grad student, I’m relegated to the role of window shopper, and that was all I was planning to do; it’s rare I find something in a shop that I really love and that fits and flatters me, so I mostly just visit because I love poring through the cool old clothes.

But, as the fates would have it, on this day of no-exceptions window shopping, I found two–yes, two–perfect dresses in my size. One was Audrey Hepburn via 1964; the other was Mary Tyler Moore during her old TV series. Both were given to the store by the same classy lady who conveniently seems to share my measurements, fashion sense, and, ah, shortness.

I was a good girl and put them back on the rack, but I did enough yapping when I got home that my fabulous manperson brought me to the shop this afternoon to pick out my birthday present. Sweetness! The two dresses had been sold (cue sadness), but the two lovely ladies working there got behind my birthday story and threw every other cute-vintage-short-person dress they could find at me until I tried this one on and fell in love.

The blurry iPhone shot really doesn’t do it justice. It’s an absolute beauty, with a sweet little bow belt and a full double skirt. And, just like the other dresses that my anonymous benefactor gave to the shop, it fits perfectly.

The only thing better than a beautiful vintage dress is a beautiful vintage dress that fits you beautifully, too.



11 responses to “Old frocks for the old gal.

  1. I have the same kinds of problems with finding a nice vintage dress that fits my girlish figure.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love the dress!

    • Thanks, lady! When you visit, I’ll plan to greet you wearing dress and apron, my hair in a flip ‘do with a plate of cookies in my hands. Or maybe a casserole dish.

  3. It appears all awesome people are born in September.

    This is good.

  4. Like your wedding dress fit perfectly and was perfectly lovely!
    I wish I could have seen that MTM dress. I love a groovy 1970’s frock.

  5. I’m still convinced that my wedding dress was supposed to be t-length, though.

    Dude, the MTM dress was fabulous–
    It was a thick, navy polyester–and, yes, I should just stop there, since nothing says fabulous like thick navy polyester, but I plug on!–with little red buttons down the front and punctuating the sleeves and red piping around the collar, down the front hem and around the sleeves. Fit and flare, hit at the knee.

    Punchy hat to throw skyward in the middle of a Manhattan street not included.

  6. DAMN! That’s almost exactly what I thought it would look like! And you’d be throwing your hat down by Waterfire is the way I see it.

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