Sneak preview

Those of you who also follow my funnier half on Slayer Placemat have already gotten a taste of the Homeowner Funtimes that the two of us have been having here at our new house.

My take on the past week or three will be up in the next 24 hours. A warning: it’s gonna have a lot of this:


4 responses to “Sneak preview

  1. Don’t do it! Don’t drink the paint!

  2. endless color-combination possibilities! i don’t think e will let me cave and stick with white.

    never realized how closely paint names resemble cocktail names.

    • Yes, be colorful! It makes the job a lot more fun when you’re spreading a pretty color on the walls.

      My favorite was the Kennebunkport Green. Even though Ty hated its Bushian evocations.

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