Things Matt Berninger likes to sing about

1. Lemons
2. Water fowl
3. Paranoid sociopaths


6 responses to “Things Matt Berninger likes to sing about

  1. Pretty sure he also likes to sing of birthday cakes. Ahhh, The National. Their Apartment song video makes me smile. And his lovely deep voice soothes a particularly rotten day.

  2. Yeah–
    I love his voice, too.

    Do you have their new album? I’ve been listening to it bunches.

  3. Sadly, no. It’s on my ‘Wish List’ though. I do have ‘Boxer, Cherry Tree and Alligator’ and they are beloved albums.

    Lately, I’ve been on this dreamy Kings of Convenience kick. I’m semi- inlove with Erlend Oye. It’s the whole adorable dancing red-haired glasses awesome thing.

  4. I’ll stick a copy in the mail for you. It’s super good.

    Have you listened to Archer Prewitt at all? If you like Erlend Oye, you might like him, too. Similar but not the same. Also nerdy.

  5. Thanks!

    I don’t know of Archer Prewitt. Someone like Erlend? I’m sure to dig that. I’ll check ’em out tout de suite. Nerdy is best.

  6. Check out “Wilderness” … I think it’s his best. The sound is more robust than Kings of Convenience’s stuff, but there’s a similar smoothness to the vocals. And it’s all really pretty.

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