Ibubrofen and Ice

I just got back from my first 12 mile run since I ran my marathon seven years ago.

It feels really good. Except that it doesn’t.


11 responses to “Ibubrofen and Ice

  1. Way to go lady! Hope that both the ibuprofen and ice make it all feel better tomorrow!

  2. I was on the internet or asleep for all 12 miles! So why am I sore?

  3. I do 2 miles or something like that on the elliptical.

    I might burn out the ball bearings if I tried for anything more.

    Kudos to you!

    • The mileage counters on ellipticals baffle me–
      Even if I ride the thing at the same speed two days in a row, the mileage will come out differently.

      Anyway, I think they’re balls. And that you should round your 2 up to 12.

  4. I’m working on it… I’m working on it!

    There’s only so much one fat man can do a day.

  5. 3 miles, I’m unstoppable! ( mostly due to physics )

  6. Yey, 3 miles!

    Did you hear they’re going to start testing Olympic athletes for unsanctioned inertia abuse?

  7. More fatso discrimination if you ask me!

    Set the fattys freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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