unfortunate pun of the day

One has to marvel at the confluence of unfortunate circumstances that can bring something like the Doggie Styles Pet Spa into existence.


7 responses to “unfortunate pun of the day

  1. The animated “g”s and “y” totally kick it over the top for me. Most crucial.

  2. Oh my goodness–
    Was it just me, or were those a little, ah, suggestive?

  3. Way suggestive…then again we both have our minds in the gutter.

  4. I think the animated letters are supposed to hint at a running animal. An unfortunate, three legged animal. But, I keep going back to swaying balls – one regular set and an unfortunate, one balled animal.

    Neuticles to the rescue.

  5. This is one of those businesses whose continued existence can only be explained by its being an organized crime money laundering operation.

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