This evening, Yuri shared this with me.

Now, on a normal night, this article alone would be enough to support an entire post of snarky ranting, but, against all odds, its heinousness is overshadowed–nay, dwarfed, even–by the heinousness of, a web site it cites.

Here’s a preview:

Not to say that I didn’t just spend the past half hour on it, of course. Because I kind of just did.


4 responses to “lamebook

  1. That picture is so awesome. I wish people would take pics like that at my funeral… probably won’t happen though. Especially since, if they find the body, it’ll have to be closed casket since I plan on dying of a bear attack.

  2. I think there’s a how-to movie out there about death-by-bear-mauling.

    Closed casket is for pussies!

  3. I just watched four back-t0-back episodes of “The Marriage Ref.”

    Freakin’ New York Times.

  4. I watched an entire season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Saturday.

    Not sure which of us wins that contest.

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