With love, from Germany

One of my favorite things to come home to after a long, slightly demoralizing day at work is a  package from Carita, who left DC for an extended Stuttgartian adventure just about a year ago.

Yesterday was one of these lucky days. Among the wonders contained therein: Katzenzungen, chocolates that might or might not be made in whole or in part out of fluffy kittens.

Behold, bitches!

Two great tastes.


7 responses to “With love, from Germany

  1. I know, right?

    Once I found Carita’s post-it note (which had stowed away onto another item as post-it notes tend to do), I read that, while it does not in fact contain kittens, Katzenzungen translates to “cat tongue.”

    Um. Tasty?

  2. Katzenzungen fur die Kindershrek!

    (I make it up as I yell it aloud, just like my Kurosawa Samurai speak)

  3. Der Kindershrek das Kaput!

  4. How do we know that’s not a package of kitten poop?

  5. According to wikipedia, these were Rommel’s favorite chocolate bar:


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