Snowed-in-Stir-Crazy Mix

It’s kinda swirly-guitary, trip-hoppy. Let me know if you want a copy.

  1. Crystalised,” The XX
  2. Wholehearted Mess,” Bear in Heaven
  3. Yellow Wings,” Keepaway
  4. Winter Wonder Land,” Animal Collective
  5. Wet and Rusting,” Menomena
  6. Norway,” Beach House
  7. Paradise Circus,” Massive Attack
  8. Catch the Light,” Sin Fang Bous
  9. Krimson,” Warpaint
  10. Summer Babe [Winter Version],” Pavement
  11. The Colors Aren’t You or Me,” Letting Up Despite Great Faults
  12. Catholic Pagans,” Surfer Blood
  13. Synthia,” FM Belfast
  14. Fot I Hose,” Casiokids
  15. C-Side Girl,” Chenard and the Sand
  16. Mind, Drips,” Neon Indian
  17. On Giving Up,” High Places
  18. I Think it Is Beautiful That You Are 365 Colors, Too,” Black Moth Super Rainbow
  19. Wilderness,” Active Child
  20. Always a Relief,” Radio Dept.
  21. Plain Material,” Memory Tapes

(Special thanks to Lipsynchsuck for the awesome blog with the awesome downloads of awesome songs.)


8 responses to “Snowed-in-Stir-Crazy Mix

  1. Whoa! Made my day! I’m really digging that Radio Department tune too. 🙂

  2. Finding your blog Sunday made my day, so I’m happy to have returned the favor! I can’t stop listening to that Casiokids song.

    And I’m glad you like the Radio Dept. track–they’re one of those bands I forget about for long periods of time, only to “rediscover” them and adore them all over again.

  3. I would love a copy now that we finally have some snow up north

  4. Crystalized – 1 for being too close to emo
    Wholehearted Mess +2 go ’80s sounds
    Yellow Wings +1 for reminding of early Ministry
    Winter Wonderland +0 They Might Be Giants?
    Wet and Rusting -1 like a bad Stone Roses
    Norway +0 needs more vikings, Spandau Ballet
    Paradise Circus +1 urge to go watch House rising or play a game on the 16 bit Sega
    Catch the Light +1 might subscribe to their newsletter
    Krimson -1 go ’80s bad Brit bands
    Pavement +1 like Weezer fun
    The Colors aren’t You or Me +0 would be more if I was drunk and in a club
    Surfer Blood +0 already a Weezer like band in here
    Synthia +1 urge for beer and ’80s dance club growing beyond control
    Fot I Hose -1 keyboard too close to armpit farts
    C-Side Girl -1 like bad early Fatboy Slim with a dose of bad ’60’s Jamaican dub mic rambling
    Mind Drips +0 urge to play original Nintendo console rising
    I Think It’s Beautiful That You Are 256 Colors Too -2 get a better mic even though you want to be artsy
    Always a Relief +1 like good Stone Roses
    Plain Material -1 like listening to The Flys trying cover something they shouldn’t

    I enjoyed this. I miss finding good music.

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