Getting this off my chest

I do enjoy a good pun as much as (read: probably a bit more than) the next gal, but articles about disaster relief might not be the best place for them.


11 responses to “Getting this off my chest

  1. Yikes! That is poor pun placement for sure.

  2. Seriously, right?
    I guess our society isn’t mature enough to reference breasts without making a joke.

    “Tehehehehehehehe, tehehehehehehe, breasts. (Hic.)”

  3. oh dear god, this is just not right.

    • It’s the “well-meaning but misguided flood of mothers’ milk ” image that won’t leave my head.

      I see a tsunami of milk washing over the island in waves. Which is probably very inappropriate, given the whole natural disaster backdrop and all. But I blame JoNel Aleccia, or her editor.

  4. Perhaps you missed the greater pun in the article:


    That dude must be 1000% awesome.

  5. Who knew there was a “Human Milk Banking Association of North America”?

    Also, ew.

  6. Hadn’t you already gone there by using the word “chest” in the title?

  7. Nah.
    That was “ironic.”

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