“There’s no pooping on the floor!”

It probably says something very bad about me that I find this as amusing as I do.

(See more of Summer of Tears’s banged up sketches here.)


7 responses to ““There’s no pooping on the floor!”

  1. Holy shit, +10 vorpal sword of internet humor.


  2. I had to look up “vorpal” … +10 nerd reference!

  3. Seriously, you didn’t know Vorpal?

    Jeebus, were gonna have to go back to 2.0 forget this newfangeled 4.0 shite…

  4. The Vorpal Blade says “Sniker Snack”.

    C’mon woman. You read Fables. Blue was cuttin’ all sorts of heads of with that thing.

  5. I see I have disappointed y’all with my inferior nerdiness.

    Suppose it was only a matter of time.

  6. I’m myself am gutted.

    I can only imagine the depths of your husband despair…

  7. This is why our young marriage is a series of increasingly numbing disappointments.

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