“We locked eyes beneath the falling prices…”

Stolen from Kate, a word map of the places that most frequently show up on Craigslist’s “missed connections” pages, state by state.

Bonus points to whoever can decipher Rhode Island's. (Click image for larger version.)


12 responses to ““We locked eyes beneath the falling prices…”

  1. So dudes that like other dudes frequent Walmart huh..?

    I thought gay men were supposed to have style/class…guess not so much anymore.

  2. Are you Brokeback Mountain referencing?

    Then there’s Utah. I feel like there’s a good joke about Mormons and Walmart to be made there.

  3. Nah, just wondering when gay dudes lost their self respect and decided to troll for strange at Walmart…doesn’t seem to add up. Bathhouses, clubs, Loriel Plaza, H&M etc I can understand but Walmart?

    • Murphy, Murphy, Murphy.
      You seem to be operating under the erroneous assumption that the Missed Connections pages are only for lonely gay dudes. They’re equal opportunity lonely-people-sadpages!

      You were at the Santaland diaries with your parents, who, I believe, had British accents. You have dark hair, laugh a lot, and are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Worth a try, right?

    • Correction–
      This M4W titled “Asian Wife” is infinitely more depressing:
      I used to work at a home improvement store in Reston. You used to drive over in your Yukon and I would load cinderblocks in your car. I dont work there anymore. I think you are married.

  4. I’m just going to assume it says “Rocky Point”.

  5. But the title of your map says Missed Connections: M4M … now I have no personnal experience trollin’ this section of craig’s glorious list but to me that implys dudes looking for dudes…and not to play checkers.

  6. Oh, duh.
    Go, go, gadget observation skills.


  7. (In that case, Rhode Island must say the Coffee Exchange. Woot.)

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