ISO enlightenment

If anyone can explain to me what the big deal is about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I’d appreciate it.

While you’re at it, you can help me out with Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. I loved Strawberry Jam, but this one just sounds kind of monotonous, and, well … moist.

“Moist” does not constitute a positive description of anything except cake.


16 responses to “ISO enlightenment

  1. No answers. But I do hate the word moist. With a passion usually reserved for big scary bugs.

  2. Yes!–
    Kate and I have a “Sentence of Horrible Words” that we used to regularly amend, which includes such beauties as “wadded,” “panties,” and “slacks,” and was inspired by the word “moist.”

    I wish I could remember the whole thing. Oh, Kaaate?

  3. She placed the wadded, moist panties in the pocket of her slacks.

  4. She thrust the wadded, moist panties into the pocket of her slacks.

    Much better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it…

  5. …into the dank pocket of her slacks?

  6. Moist is a fabulous word… Slacks is even better… the Yeah Yeah Yeahs surely suck moist balls.

  7. Gah.
    That’s infinitely worse than sucking unmoist balls.

    It’s Blitz was five bucks on Amazon this month, so I picked it up to see what the brouhaha was about. Karen O.’s got a distinctive, gritty, generally cool voice. But that’s about all I’ve got.

    And Merriweather Post really does sound moist. There are watery sounds through the whole thing that remind me of that “I’m Not Going to Spread for No Roses” song that Bruce from The Kids in the Hall did. The one with all the flowers ejaculating.

  8. As you now from our dinner conversation I like the word moist…so much in fact that it almost makes me moist.

    Kate’s sentence makes me moist as well.

  9. (To which I heave forth another shudder.)

    Heave. That’s up there with thrust. All this thrusting and heaving is going to … well… ugh.

  10. Well played madame…well played.

  11. I’ve tried listening to the above-mentioned albums and have been left cold by them. I feel like they suffer from an excess of “cleverness” and a lack of soul.

  12. I agree on Merriweather Post, though I didn’t think It’s Blitz! was even very clever. A bit calculated, maybe?

    And, ah, moist.
    (Ok, not really.)

  13. I suppose I was using “cleverness” to include that calculated posturing that seems to be the dominant trait among the new(ish) bands that get so much favorable notice in Pitchfork, et al. I feel like the majority of this crop lacks any authenticity…to me, it feels as calculated as the Spice Girls were, and as soulless. The worst part for me isn’t the general moistness, but rather the smugness that seems to drip off these bands.

  14. That’s funny. In general, I’ve been struck this year by just how earnest most of the new music I’ve been listening to is. There’s nothing resembling ironic posturing in most of the albums I really loved this year, many of which the pitchforkians loved, too. (Dirty secret of mine: I bitch about pitchfork, but I agree with them 85% of the time. And, yes, I hate myself for this a little.)

    I’m planning to post a favorite albums of 2009 bit in the next couple days. Hopefully there’ll be a couple there that you might like.

  15. I will admit to perhaps not listening closely to the new breed, but I didn’t necessarily include “ironic posturing” when I said “calculated posturing”. I tend to think of the Darkness when I think of ironic posturing, whereas Deertick, say, comes across as somehow less organic than did Uncle Tupelo. Same for Vampire Weekend; they’re too self-conscious to sound as oddly relaxed as Haircut 100, who they ape in sound and style.

    I’ll look forward to your list and note that there was some music from this year that I liked, notably Edward Sharp e& the Magnetic Zeroes.

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