Sneak Preview: 2009 Mix Tape!

The mixes will be posted to all the usual suspects early next week. If you are not on the usual suspect list and would like to be, let me know. And then you will be. Just like magic! Poof!

  1. This Love is Fucking Right,” The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  2. Osaka Loop Line,” Discovery
  3. Young Hearts Spark Fire,” Japandroids
  4. The Deadroads,” Rural Alberta Advantage
  5. Two Weeks,” Grizzly Bear
  6. The Strangers,” St. Vincent
  7. Two Doves,” Dirty Projectors
  8. Happy as Can Be,” Cut off Your Hands
  9. Walkabout,” Atlas Sound
  10. Island, IS,” Volcano Choir
  11. Fake Blues,” Real Estate
  12. Cello Song,” The Books and Jose Gonzales
  13. Daniel,” Bat for Lashes
  14. VCR,” The XX
  15. Should Have Taken Acid with You,” Neon Indian
  16. 1901,” Phoenix
  17. Snookered,” Dan Deacon
  18. Home,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Disclaimer: This is not a “best tracks” list, as some of what I would consider the best tracks of the year are not really the best mix tape tracks of the year. So I kept out the one about cancer and anything that sounded like it was influenced by Skinny Puppy. No offense to Skinny Puppy.


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