I had a dream

Last night I dreamt I was covered in pets, and none of them made me sneeze.

It was a nice dream.


5 responses to “I had a dream

  1. I would like to know what kind of pets. Cause if were only talking goldfish. kamodo dragons or some such then I’m so unimpressed. However, if were talkin chinchillas, marmosets and other sundry creatures of fur then kudos to you Ms. Jess, kudos to you…

  2. The inventory was as follows:
    Long haired fluffy cat at my feet
    Long haired fluffy dog at my side
    Skunk on my lap
    Chipmunk, various orientations

  3. I just realized “various orientations” probably sounds dirty.

    He was merely moving about.

  4. funny, i’ve had a similar dreams and they really disturb me. maybe because i am always sleeping in these dreams, and it’s dark, and i can’t ascertain exactly what kind of animal is crawling on me. and i have a huge fear of rats.

  5. Yikes.
    I had a dream like that once. Rats and cockroaches. Think it had something to do with the fact that I was living in a rat-and-cockroach infested apartment building at the time.

    Good times.

    This one was a happy dream, though. Despite the skunk.

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