Fuck you, Maine

See also: Happy Homophobe Day!


11 responses to “Fuck you, Maine

  1. Be nice to Maine! I plan to move to a unabomber type shack there in the future…

  2. Maine would be a lovely little spot for your shack, Murph. Whilst there, you can work on bombing the fucking homofuckingphobes who voted to overturn this law.

    I guess I should correct the title to read: Fuck you, Maine Homophobes.

  3. Ever been to Wells, Maine? It’s like the lesbian capitol of the world.

  4. Yeah, Wells is like Northampton North.

  5. I hate Maine (or its homophobes), but I loooove Northampton.

    I was there last week for work. There’s this great little restaurant there called The Green Street Cafe. Best duck ever. And fantastic desserts. Holy yum.

    I think I just got off topic.

  6. I will take it further off topic, but following your last key point by sayin, everyone should watch a movie called “Green Street Hooligans”. I recommends it (as most know my taste is impeccable).

    The best duck I ever had was at a Japanese restaurant, that slowly rotated, on top of some hotel in Toronto.

    For you Jess, I would gladly bomb said Maine homophobes from my rickety shack of lair in the wilderness (all the while eatin ducks and watchin my Green St Hooligans DVD…yes my shack will have a DVD player)

  7. A wrongfully expelled Harvard undergrad moves to London, where he is introduced to the violent underworld of football hooliganism.

    So says imdb, the once great, still useful web page.

    Sounds like a good movie to build bombs and eat slow-roasted duck by.

  8. On the further downward spiral, we can hear further claims of how 54% is a ‘mandate from America’.

    Up next, payin’ for prayin’ in our healthcare bill pushed by Sen. Kerry of Mass. What the hell is going on in New England?

  9. Ole Horsey,

    How come it’s impossible to post comments on your blog (at least for me)? I was dying to comment on the mobile home video…

    Sorry for yet another thread-jack Jess.

  10. I demand you start your own blog so I can start jacking your threads.

    It’s our only hope for reconciliation.

  11. Sorry Murph, not sure. I’ll go poke at it.

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