gone firenzin’

Ciao, bitches!

As most of you know, Ty and I are doing the ol’ hitcheroo on Saturday, followed by what ought to be a hot-damn, kick-ass vacation in Roma e Firenze.  So I’ll not be blogging for a bit.

Not that I’ve been blogging much lately, anyway. But now I’ll have an excuse.

So hugs to you all … and look forward to posts about foreign escapades in a couple weeks.


3 responses to “gone firenzin’

  1. Is this how you folks are going to be riding around this week to prepare for Italy? More importantly, will you both be dressed like that?

    Actually, I don’t think I could maintain a friendship with Ty if he wore those loafers.

  2. Sweeeeeeeet! Can’t wait to see in you Firenze. Safe travels.

  3. Nor I, Carita!

    I promise Ty will not be wearing those loafers.

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