my Icelandic boyfriend

With the wedding right around the corner, I feel it’s time for me to come clean about my Icelandic boyfriend.

This is Sindri Mar Sigfusson:

I love it when he pretends to be American.

I love it when he pretends to be American.

Sindri is the fellow behind both Seabear and Sin Fang Bous, two of my most favorite bands of late. Seabear’s music is warm and crackly and wistful. Sin Fang Bous’s music is diaphanous and fluttery and dark. Both spatter random haunting lyrics throughout their lovely, lovely songs.



6 responses to “my Icelandic boyfriend

  1. This guy looks an awful lot like Sablone’s Secret Boyfriend, Will Leitch.

  2. Same sad eyes, but Will’s got to outweigh Sindri by one or two Liams, if I am allowed to use your son as a unit of measure.

    I’ll need to start sending My Icelandic Boyfriend some of my good home cookin’. Zucchini muffins!

  3. He gets no muffins. I instead challenge him to a Contra tournament. No Konami code BS either. You will swoon at my skillz and forget everything about Iceland, except for death metal bands.

  4. So you’re saying I should dump Sindri and find an Icelandic boyfriend that’s in a death metal band?

  5. Is he really your boyfriend, or is it just that you wish him to be?

    (just asking out of curiousity) 🙂

  6. No, not really–
    I’m terrible at long-distance things, after all.

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