our new neighbor

This little lady has started hanging out outside our doorway.

Am I poisonous?

Am I poisonous?

(Ok, so maybe she’s not so little. She also looks a bit like a brown widow spider, which are kind of venomous and maybe not the coolest things to have hanging around. But I digress.)

For the past several days, I’ve been greeted in the mornings by really, really big spiderwebs in and around our outside landing, and each day they get a little closer to our door. When I got home last night, her web spanned the entire width of our door, like a big people net.

Which, of course, reminded me of this.

(it was a good plan.)

(it was a good plan.)


2 responses to “our new neighbor

  1. That is absolutely terrifying to me…but also fascinating .

    • Yup and yup.
      Ty came back from his Annual Nerd Exodus and went on a spider murdering spree. The lady in the picture is now very deceased, as are hundreds of her offspring, which he found in the garage.

      Add gross to the list of adjectives.

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