Daily Dose of Angry

Instant Angry: Read this account of a recent town hall meeting on health care.

I mean, fuck.

Obama-as-Hitler posters? Someone yelling at the disabled lady whose insurance dropped her that “I shouldn’t have to pay for your health care”?

Are we really this ugly a nation?


7 responses to “Daily Dose of Angry

  1. It’s true though… Dingell is lying. I’m going to kill that guys son if they pass the healthcare plan. And I think that handicapped woman broke into my house and stole some aspirin the other day.

  2. We’ve gotten that ugly through a combination of greed and shortsightedness. It makes me sad and angry. Well, sadder and angrier than usual.

    Don’t these people realize that they’re not losing something through this – rather, we’re all gaining something?

    • I hear you on the combination of sad and angry–
      I read these things and see them on the news and I want to simultaneously scream and cry.

      If everyone is insured, hospitals charge less and premiums go down. If everyone is insured, the work force in general is more productive. If everyone is insured, then the private health care system has to start courting customers instead of taking advantage of them.

      I guess it’s easier for some people to hear something and react to it than to actually use their damn brains for a minute and see that they’re fighting something from which, like you said, everyone stands to gain.

  3. I read this today. It follows the same thought process. The comments section once again is possibly more informative of America’s whacked out nationalism than the article itself.


  4. Also, not to be annoying but here’s another good must read.

    • Yeah, I love the way Europe keeps being referenced as though it’s a den of iniquity, with its “loose morals” and “corrupt systems” threatening to debase our higher way of life from across the ocean.

      Sounds sort of familiar, actually.
      Though I doubt Europe will wage war against the US to sniff out the infidels who profess to hate the European way of life.

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