ways hippies torture their children

I got this notice yesterday for a new camp being offered in my town:

Can’t get your child to eat veggies?

Send them to The GREAT Vegetable Mystery, a week of cooking, singing, songwriting and art all about VEGETABLES! Whole food chef and holistic nutrition educator Monica Corrado and singer/songwriter and visual artist Rachel Cross are teaming up to lead this week-long summer camp for children ages 9 to 12, Monday-Friday, August 3-7 from 9a-1:30pm in Takoma Park/Silver Spring. This is not about hiding vegetables in their food; it’s about having children get to know fresh, local vegetables in the kitchen. While they learn how to soup, salad, puree, pickle, and bake, they will also discover the answers to the following questions:

  • what color veggie is highest in Vitamin C?
  • does it matter if veggies are raw or cooked? naked or dressed?
  • what vegetable can help you feel better when you have a cold?
  • can fries and chips are good for you? which ones? why?
  • what process maximizes nutrients in the vegetables you eat, and helps you digest your food?

They’ll be eating kale before the week is out!J

Im totally not getting my sex and drinking here, am I? RWWWWRRRRRRR!



6 responses to “ways hippies torture their children

  1. “can fries and chips are good for you? which ones? why?”

    Stupid hippies can’t even get their grammar right!

    Also, this would never have worked for me. I think Chris would like to send me to this camp now, hehe. No matter what age, though, I’d never be eating kale by the end of the week.

  2. Even I don’t eat kale, and I’m usually all up in that healthy food shit.

    I thought about fixing that sentence when I cut and pasted it into the post, but I left it cause I thought it added to the charm. Glad you noticed.

  3. Also, I never knew ‘soup’ could be a verb. But then everything seems to be a verb these days.

  4. So true–
    How do you think these nouns feel about this? Were they consulted on the matter at all?

  5. Jason doesn’t make any noise. You’re putting the Leatherface noises on Jason.


  6. It’s Jason’s inner monologue, which includes groaning growly things.

    (soundtracked to mm-mm-mm-ah-ah-ah)

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