The view from up here

I had a check-up this morning, and I’m an inch taller than I was a year ago.  Seriously. I had her measure twice.

My new proportions promise to make me a formidable physical opponent to 5th graders everywhere.


8 responses to “The view from up here

  1. Do you plan on going back to teaching? or just assaulting random 5th graders?

  2. I’m hoping that my size will be so menacing that I won’t have to actually beat any of them up.

    Well, maybe one. Just to make an example of him.

    You know how it goes.

  3. all the swimming stretching you out?

  4. Hehe. Maybe.
    I actually read that yoga can “add inches” by making your spine align properly, so maybe it’s that.

    Either way, I imagine that once I’m back to running, I’ll pound myself back down to five-foot-one-and-three-quarters…

  5. I hope I recognize you!

  6. How’s the weather up there, Stretch?

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