Summer Muzak Mix!

I just finished a summer music mix, and it’s freaking awesome! Yarrgh! So awesome that it’s turning me into a pirate.

Let me know if’n you want a copy and I’ll stick one in the mail for ya, matey.


  1. “Anthem,” The Incredible Moses Leroy
  2. “Sleepyhead,” Passion Pit
  3. “Padding Ghost,” Dan Deacon
  4. “Wraith Tied to the Mist and Other Games,” Of Montreal
  5. “You! Me! Dancing!” Los Campesinos
  6. “We’re from Barcelona,” I’m from Barcelona
  7. “Two Weeks,” Grizzly Bear
  8. “Can You Discover?” Discovery
  9. “1901,” Phoenix
  10. “Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer,” A.C. Newman
  11. “Half Asleep,” School of Seven Bells
  12. “Beach Party,” Air France
  13. “Palmitos Park,” El Guincho
  14. “House Jam,” Gang Gang Dance
  15. “Origin,” Studio
  16. “Happy as Can Be,” Cut off Your Hands
  17. “Make Out Fall Out Make Up,” Love Is All
  18. “I Sing I Swim,” Seabear

11 responses to “Summer Muzak Mix!

  1. Sadly, I’m a land-lubber, as I have never heard any of those songs or of those groups (some have dope names though!).

  2. Cut off your hands!
    Sometimes pirates do that to you before you walk the plank. Just to fuck with you.


  3. I’d like to sign up for your newsletter…

      I’m thinking about doing one a month. Perhaps next month’s will be so awesome I will start acting like a … ninja? zombie?

  4. I love #6! As for your offer, yespleazkthnxbai.

  5. yes please!

  6. But, Summer = Satyricon. Where’s Satyricon?

  7. Howdy! Sorry this comment is months late, but Hell Yeah! i’m impressed with the music comp, being a music comp nerd myself. Some of those tracks you have on your mix speak volumes to my own experiences over the summer, Grizzly Bear i saw at GreenMan and were on my wedding comp CD, also, We’re from Barcelona, I’m from Barcelona, i went to Barcelona! & i blipped that track before i left that morning. AHHH! the summer memories. If you do anymore mix CD’s let me know, i might need a copy, Cheers!

  8. Hey, Arth!
    I’d be happy to send future mixes across the pond–
    I’m hoping to get another one done after the wedding festivities. I’ll keep you posted.

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