things that make me sad, #71

Today at the pool I got super psyched when it looked like I was going to lap the dude swimming next to me. Then we got to the end of our lanes and I saw he was about 80.


5 responses to “things that make me sad, #71

  1. If it makes you feel better, Mark Spitz is 59 now. So it was probably Mark Spitz.

  2. Coulda been worse, he could been a dead guy floating with the current…

  3. Thank you, gentlemen, for starting my day off with a pair of guffaws.

  4. Last week two 80 year olds passed me in a 5 mile road race. They were about 100 yards ahead of me the whole time but I just couldn’t overtake them!

    • Hehe.
      I was totally passed by a blind dude during my marathon. Along with what I’m sure would have amounted to a battalion’s worth of 80 year olds.

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