Train Wreck Series Returns!

Hey, kids!

The series that brought you Miss South Carolina’s bumbling attempts to discuss foreign policy and Britney Spears’ drunk performance at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards is back, this time with Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee.

I have tried really, really hard to ignore Sarah Palin since the election ended and the immediate threat of her holding national office subsided, but today I have to make an exception because 1) she resigned from her post as governor of Alaska a full year and a half before the end of her term, and 2) she sounded completely bat shit crazy while she was doing it.

Go ahead. Watch it. You know you want to.


7 responses to “Train Wreck Series Returns!

  1. Bat shit crazy is such an accurate description. Go away Sarah….GO AWAY!

  2. Sweet talking points:

    1. I’ll save Alaska money not doing my job and getting someone else to do it. Because work is hard.

    2. Efficiency = “I quit”. Let’s hope she continues to be efficient.

    3. Teamwork means one player should quit halfway through the game.

    4. Oh yeah, Prayer. Some prayer in there.

    5. Retards. They’re the future. Everyone drink your extra chromosome shakes (at the DQ) and make more.

    6. Fridge magnets are America’s future.

    7. Oh and the troops. Yeah, those guys.

  3. To many basketball references from a white woman…

  4. Too much … everything, really.
    The whole thing was apparently over 20 minutes long. I thought that this 7-minute clip was about 6 too many.

    If this was the part that was deemed ok for the public to see, one can only imagine what the rest of it was like. Though I suppose it’s better if we don’t.


  5. I managed to make to 03:12 in the video before I shut it off. Out of 23 attempts watching it, that’s my record. I feel like I’m getting stronger, I think by the end of the week I’ll get to 4 minutes. I really think I can do it. Me and Roger Bannister.

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