Monthly Archives: July 2009

a haiku for you

Drunk iPhone typing–

I didn’t realize I had

such big, clumsy thumbs.



The best part is that these were spotted in Takoma Park, Land of Hippies.

Nothing says youre a player like... well, yeah.

Nothing says you're a player like... well, yeah.


“Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before.”



I’ve started dedicating one of my browser tabs to marmoset images so that when I’m feeling cranky, overwhelmed, or generally bedraggled I can click on it and feel a little bit better.

This one’s my favorite. Just look at that crazy ass little primate face.

no me digas!

"no me digas!"

The view from up here

I had a check-up this morning, and I’m an inch taller than I was a year ago.  Seriously. I had her measure twice.

My new proportions promise to make me a formidable physical opponent to 5th graders everywhere.

Summer Muzak Mix!

I just finished a summer music mix, and it’s freaking awesome! Yarrgh! So awesome that it’s turning me into a pirate.

Let me know if’n you want a copy and I’ll stick one in the mail for ya, matey.


  1. “Anthem,” The Incredible Moses Leroy
  2. “Sleepyhead,” Passion Pit
  3. “Padding Ghost,” Dan Deacon
  4. “Wraith Tied to the Mist and Other Games,” Of Montreal
  5. “You! Me! Dancing!” Los Campesinos
  6. “We’re from Barcelona,” I’m from Barcelona
  7. “Two Weeks,” Grizzly Bear
  8. “Can You Discover?” Discovery
  9. “1901,” Phoenix
  10. “Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer,” A.C. Newman
  11. “Half Asleep,” School of Seven Bells
  12. “Beach Party,” Air France
  13. “Palmitos Park,” El Guincho
  14. “House Jam,” Gang Gang Dance
  15. “Origin,” Studio
  16. “Happy as Can Be,” Cut off Your Hands
  17. “Make Out Fall Out Make Up,” Love Is All
  18. “I Sing I Swim,” Seabear

things that make me sad, #71

Today at the pool I got super psyched when it looked like I was going to lap the dude swimming next to me. Then we got to the end of our lanes and I saw he was about 80.