Long Island Needs a Flag!

As all you faithful Daily Show watchers are aware, there is a faction of folks on Long Island that thinks it should secede from New York and become its own state.

This means Long Island needs a state flag! And not the crappy one that the “Independent Long Island” movement has designed for itself. No, no. It needs a flag that captures the pure Lawn Guy Land-ness of Long Island, and that will say “Fuck off, New York State” when it flies atop its flag posts.

I invite you all to join me in designing a flag for Long Island.

I’ve even compiled a bunch of pictures to help inspire you!

of course they are long island ice teas!

yes, that is long island ice tea

y'all know what the "with" byline means.


(note reflection of sweet ass rims in minivan door.)

(note reflection of sweet ass rims in minivan door.)

sometimes we all wish we were a viking.


10 responses to “Long Island Needs a Flag!

  1. As a part of the brain drain, I’d like to let you know that those three dudes are three more reasons why I am no longer a LI resident and cringe when I have to say that I was raised there.

    • HA!
      The whole wind farm thing started a’brewin’ when I was living there. And not many people were happy about it.

      The part at the end of the clip … with the kid with the kite… priceless.

  2. If Long Island secedes from New York and becomes a state, would it be possible for the other 50 states to simultaneously secede from the union and form a new country?

  3. Go easy on Jersey…

    If us Jerseyites had our way we woulda have spilt the state in half. All of us country type folk from South Jerz (trenton on down) woulda went with Philly. All the Itals from the north coulda just went straight to hell aka NY.

    • Aw, Murph–
      You so bit my Jersey-bashing bait!

      I agree that Jersey gets a bum rap. People see the northern half of the turnpike and equate that with Jersey.

      On the other hand, if Bravo did their “Housewives of New Jersey” show in South Jersey instead of North Jersey, it would not be nearly as entertaining. (Not that I’ve actually seen it. Cough.)

  4. Damn you…(insert shaking fist here)

  5. To take the Fisher thing another step: Is it funny that the book title is titled as such and that such a title is funny?

    I think so.



  6. HA!


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