things that make me happy, #11

Working from home in my pajamas on a day when “work”=writing up an interview I did with a physics student about his project on possible causes of the universe’s accelerated expansion. (That’s right, bitches. That shit’s expanding faster than before, not slower like all your high school teachers told you.)

Physicists are my favorite science nerds. By a long shot.


4 responses to “things that make me happy, #11

  1. Oh, so the physicists are your favourites are they? Duly noted.

  2. Physicists in general–
    There may certainly be certain biologists who I prefer to certain physicists.


    (yes, that’s cheating.)

  3. On my computer, under “possibly related posts” I am getting:

    * 11 on the 11th!
    * A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place
    * in praise of pajama day


  4. Bummer–
    I just went to click on “A Good Wife Always Knows Her Place,” but none of the auto-generated related posts are listed this morning.

    Maybe they realized they were stretching the bounds of the word “possibly” a little too far.

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