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I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re ok

Thanks to all y’all awesome folks who called and messaged and emailed Ty and I yesterday after hearing that the D.C. Metro pretty much exploded within walking distance from our house.

I’m a little freaked out, but we’re both ok, and our downstairs friends are all ok, so I guess we’re just mostly really fucking lucky.

I can feel myself wanting to devolve into hardcore cheesitude, so I’ll stop there. But thanks, thanks, thanks.


google image of the day

It was very difficult to choose just one image for “Bad Glamour Shot.”

Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

would Deb approve?

what would Deb say?

Long Island Needs a Flag!

As all you faithful Daily Show watchers are aware, there is a faction of folks on Long Island that thinks it should secede from New York and become its own state.

This means Long Island needs a state flag! And not the crappy one that the “Independent Long Island” movement has designed for itself. No, no. It needs a flag that captures the pure Lawn Guy Land-ness of Long Island, and that will say “Fuck off, New York State” when it flies atop its flag posts.

I invite you all to join me in designing a flag for Long Island.

I’ve even compiled a bunch of pictures to help inspire you!

of course they are long island ice teas!

yes, that is long island ice tea

y'all know what the "with" byline means.


(note reflection of sweet ass rims in minivan door.)

(note reflection of sweet ass rims in minivan door.)

sometimes we all wish we were a viking.

things that make me happy, #88

At the student-run campus coffee shop, every thirteenth drink is free. Today was my free drink day.

This means that, instead of getting my usual green tea, I get a soy chai latte. Huzzah!

(Carita once hypothesized that, since our tea refills cost the shop nothing more than a tea bag, they were making more money on the $.65 teas than the $3 chais, and that, therefore, we weren’t fleecing them by getting a fancy drink on our free days and the cheap ones when we were paying for them. I quite like this theory, despite suspecting the legitimacy of the conclusions it draws.)

birthday clowns suck.

Get your kid a Lil’ Wayne impersonator instead.

Invented Word of the Day

Email’d (past participle): to have been voluntarily or involuntarily misled as a result of the limitations of email communication, particularly when the subsequent confusion leads to social situations ranging from awkward to disastrous. Often results from failure to use emoticons.

Ex., After weeks of thinking her coworker’s perfunctory email message meant that he hated her, Erica realized she had been email’d.

nerds + too much time on their hands=shit like this

By shit like this, I mean awesome shit like this.

It is a complete monster.

"It is a complete monster."