can we go back to sex and drugs?

The best Onion article of the year is in today’s online edition of the New York Times.

It’s about the current teenage hugging epidemic. And it’s fucking amazing.

Its 12:30pm. Do you know what your kids are doing?

It's 12:30pm. Do you know what your kids are doing?

Some highlights:

Girls embracing girls, girls embracing boys, boys embracing each other — the hug has become the favorite social greeting when teenagers meet or part these days.

Hugging appears to be a grass-roots phenomenon.

A measure of how rapidly the ritual is spreading is that some students complain of peer pressure to hug to fit in.

(And my personal favorite, from Noreen Hanjilian, principal of George G. White High School in Joisey): “It was needless hugging — they are in the hallways before they go to class. It wasn’t a greeting. It was happening all day.”


6 responses to “can we go back to sex and drugs?

  1. These kids are shameful. In my day we had high fives.

  2. It’s the parents. They learn it by watching the parents.

    You know the kind of families I mean.

    It sends shivers down one’s spine just thinking about it.

  3. Damn, I thought this post was really gonna be about sex and drugs…now I’m sad.

  4. I just looked up sex and drugs for you, and I got this.

    I think that could be considered a fail.

  5. I can’t even leave the house anymore without embarrassment. Such is the constant erection I experience from the extreme amount of public teen hugging I see each day.

  6. Yeah. Ah.
    I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.

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