Supreme Fail.

The California Supreme Court has just decided that it’s fine for its legislature to pass laws drafted with the sole purpose of discriminating against people, in direct violation of the state constitution’s equal protection clause.

Meanwhile, on the federal stage, Obama named his Supreme Court Justice pick amidst conservative concerns that she will be inclined to “legislate morality from the bench.”

I think I’m going to throw up in my mouth.


3 responses to “Supreme Fail.

  1. I was talking bout this yesterday…how the heck can a state supreme court say gay marraige is wrong and not allowed except between Jan and April of 2009 (my dates aren’t accurate) that is just insane…frigging California.

  2. Waaay to go , Cali! You’ve managed to make both Florida and Texas look, well, better. Okay, so only barely but still. Bravo.

  3. It’s insane all right.

    I still can’t figure out why the hell anyone cares whether or not two dudes (or two ladies) want to marry each other. If gay marriage is “outlawed” to protect the “sanctity of marriage” in California, divorce should be outlawed there, too.

    The LA Times did a pretty good Q&A about the decision that just further illuminates its dumbness.

    They’ve got a rad interactive map, too. (I love those.) It compares how many rights same-sex couples have from state to state.

    And speaking of Texas, did you hear about this?

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