“No,” says the penguin, “fuck you.”

Here’s “Fuck You, Penguin,” the website for people who enjoy mocking cute animals.

A brief sampling:


"Oh, hooray, Mole. You made it out of the ground. Why are you so excited? DO YOU WANT A FUCKING MEDAL?"

(Also, there is going to be a book soon. Where did our books come from before there were humor blogs?)


11 responses to ““No,” says the penguin, “fuck you.”

  1. I feel kinda bad for the mole. They are already unloved creatures.

  2. I kind of do, too. But somehow that’s part of what makes it so funny.

    To me, anyway.

    Cause I’m a bad person like that.

  3. I like moles…

  4. Hmm. Is that a euphemism?

  5. I think maybe I will give him a metal. GOLD for the mole!

  6. Jacob, you’re just encouraging his low expectations of himself.

  7. Nah, that would be crucial. I just dig moles…especially the star nosed variety.


  9. Murph, are you responsible for this 4:43 of hotness?

  10. If only I could take credit for such a masterpiece…although I would have set it to the heartstirring sounds of Gordon Lightfoot.

    • Take a moment to visualize the star-nosed mole meandering about to “If You Could Read My Mind.” It’s hard not to giggle, isn’t it?

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