things that make me confused, #50

J.Crew sells “summerweight” shorts. As opposed to those shorts designed for winters endured in harsh climates.


3 responses to “things that make me confused, #50

  1. In NZ, the uniform for boys at many schools often requires shorts — no option for long pants at all at any time of the year. The winterweight shorts are made of wool to help young men endure the harsh climate.

  2. This winter’s fashion statement at Brown went as following: tank top with a scarf, woolen pleated shorts with cuff, leggings to knee, socks pulled up two inches below leggings, really ugly boots.

    This spring’s fashion statement is the same minus the leggings and with summer weight shorts.

    I will truly miss these kids.

  3. Yuri–Fair enough. Still, I reckon J. Crew’s manyweight shorts are designed not with uniformed New Zealand boys in mind but American clotheshorses who will feel compelled to buy yet another pair of chino shorts if a new adjective is thrown into their description.

    JCigna, it’s all true, true, true. We have the same horrors here, though I doubt it’s as far along as it is at Brown. I feel very old (and bourgeois) for choosing my daily garb according to the weather.

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