why wikipedia is awesome

(or, “Cautionary Tales for Students Tempted to Reference Wikipedia Whilst Writing Research Papers”)

If you look up Bikini Kill, there is a section entitled “Sociological Summary.”

And that summary goes like this:

Bikini kill was a wondered version of the neo age feminist blossoms blooming after the initial seeds had lost a healthy soil. A matured rose of the flower child which became diseased and withered inside itself with outside critique justifying a broader perception after the initial shock of rebellion against narrow minds had subsided and improvement was needed. A comparable measurement to that of reversed racism, though much quicker it its dignified presence. The overall influence is spread as wide as the riot grrl slash feminist movement itself. If you track bikini kill for the true influential nature one might look to any group of the now with the social maturity to poke fun at itself in it’s message layerings, while society norms collide to dispute around the ensuing provocation produced. The true influence of this group is so often misunderstood its quite disheartening to a fan such as myself. The pigeon hole ideologies expressed are a concealer at my summation, laying a light hearted glow upon the face that was this wonderful artistic gathering. This band will continue to ‘double dare’ us to break away from social norms and influence generations of kids to think for themselves, long into the next century. ❤ tp tp tp


5 responses to “why wikipedia is awesome

  1. Wikipedia: A nerd’s opinion presented as truth.

  2. I’m partial to Bratmobile.

  3. Patty–Nerds ruling the world, wielding wikipedia as their weapon! Yeehaw!

    Ack(3)–Hmm. You could always add a Sociological Summary to the Bratmobile entry, wherein you could write about neo age feminist blooming blossoms and things that might act as concealers to your summations.

  4. Oh. Someone fixed it. The sociological summary is now goneburger. They made wikipedia a little less awesome.

  5. Well, thank goodness I cut and pasted that shit, then!

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