Subject lines appearing in my spam folder today:

  1. Protrude deeper and give pleasure to every woman!
  2. Become more appetant with females.
  3. We offer cheap pills from every problem.
  4. Become macho de luxe

I just can’t get over the first one. How does one “protrude deeper”?

(I realize that, by posing that question, I’m practically taunting some of you to answer it.)


4 responses to “spamarama

  1. It’s obviously a metaphysical situation.

  2. That’s a much more esoteric response than I was expecting.

  3. It’s really the kind of offer you have to accept in order to discover the real answer.

    Please keep us informed.

  4. You’re probably right. But that might require me to protrude deeper into the matter than I’d like.

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