Nietzsche Family Circus, Vol III

It’s the mismatched mittens that do it for me.


6 responses to “Nietzsche Family Circus, Vol III

  1. That is really wonderful.

    I like this one:

  2. HA!
    It’s amazing to me that the photos and saying really go together so frequently … I mean, for pete’s sake, she is reading Jeffy Genesis! How perfect is that?


  3. I didn’t know Ali was in the Family Circus! Though since it is the Nietzsche Family Circus it makes sense.

  4. Hey! I’m like right here!

  5. Ali, do you also mismatch your mittens?

  6. Of course Ali doesn’t mismatch his mittens…he’s desperately trying to be polite to Billy and not point out how stupid one must be to wear one mitten and one glove!

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