“Rorschach’s friend to the animals”


7 responses to ““Rorschach’s friend to the animals”

  1. Holy fuck…

    I got nothing.

  2. Aw, c’mon, Murphy…

    That disappoints me so.

  3. is this real life?

    • And, alternately, is it going to be like this forever?

      I think that the trailer/theme song thing itself is a joke. Too bad, cause I’d love watching a cartoon version of Rorschach running around making the Crazy Clown Voice.

      By “love to” I mean not really.

  4. I’ve set my TiVo to “Keep Until I Delete”.

  5. I wish the movie would have been more like this. I probably wouldn’t have tried to force myself to fall asleep. Or maybe the guy in this story would still be alive.


  6. John’ll give you cancer.


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