grammar police brutality

I got an email yesterday from the girl who runs my school’s grad council. We’ll call her Dotty. Dotty regularly sends mass emails to all the university’s grad students letting us know about speakers, socials, and other such things that 95% of us have no interest in attending.

The title for this particular email read: “Graduate Student Invitation to Conversate w/ Michelle Singletary.”

This use of a non-whimsical imaginary word was disturbing, but it was more disturbing that one Beverly Davis felt the need to hit “reply all” before sending a correction complete with indignant exclamation points–which, I assure you, is the grammar snob’s way of saying “Dottie, you are an illiterate slut.”

It just makes people who care about the English language look like douchebags. Hurting the cause, Bev. Hurting the cause.


2 responses to “grammar police brutality

  1. It’s definitely a fine line to walk. I never correct someone’s grammar, punctuation, etc. because I know the moment I do, I’ll misspell or punctuate incorrectly and will look like an ass.

    However, there are people who write to me who use punctuation in their own quirky way, because they think it makes them interesting. For example, a friend of mine, Tom, will usually write something like this:

    Hello there my dear,,… have you been? Everything is fine here,……….work sucks, of course.

    I love him dearly but it drives me crazy. I know he knows he is punctuating incorrectly, but that makes it no less painful.

    In conclusion, unless you are absolutely, positively sure you never make grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, or accidentally make up words that you think are real, then don’t be the douche who corrects people. You’ll only end up making a fool of yourself and make those you correct think you’re an ass.

  2. I tend to agree. And if there’s something that you just feel like you have to set straight… holy shit, do it in private.

    Semi-related, that email thread exploded last night. Some girl replied-all about how rude it was that Bev corrected the original sender in a reply-all … and then someone else replied-all that no one cared and that all the replying-all was ridiculous. Then people started repyling-all to be taken off the listserve.

    It was awesome.

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