much atwitter about nothing

As some of you already know, I hate Twitter.

One could argue that it is reactionary and irrational for me to spend actual energy hating an interface that hasn’t done anything to me. No one is putting a gun to my head and making me tweet, or read other people’s twits, or listen as they recite these twits in my ear in low, menacing tones.

And it’s true. I’m not being forced to do anything. But the nagging sense of the whole system’s fucked-uppitude won’t leave me.

Cause it seems to me that Twitter–this tool dedicated to “keeping everyone in the know”–is so popular precisely because it makes others think there is so much more to us that they don’t know, and that this unknowability, somewhat paradoxically, makes them feel they know enough about us to want to know more. Even though they still don’t know anything.

It’s like the whole dirty mess of humanity’s existential crisis being hung out to dry on a global clothesline.

Gah. (Shudder.)


3 responses to “much atwitter about nothing

  1. As you well know I love twitter. I actually sought it out about a year ago because I often have random, brief thoughts that seem lost in the swirl of everyday conversation, or comments that are too random to note in a longer conversation (not that it stops me). I found a broader enjoyment in twitter, found some people that post things that make me laugh.

    All in all it makes me happy. I like to own my existential crisis.

  2. Ya know if people want to twitter, fine. I don’t care. It’s just another growing symptom of our ADD riddled society’s inability to stare at something for more than 1/2 a second.

    Random thoughts are great, sometimes they need to be captured or else they flee. If you’re a writer, then Twitter could be akin to the ol’ pad and pencil by the nightstand. A useful tool. Otherwise, it’s a blight in my eyes.

    Twitter should be called word fart.

    BUT, I do take issue with people of import word farting when they should be doing their fucking jobs.

    Prime example was the recent Obama speechy thing where fucking Congressfucks, people elected to represent the masses, were busy doing this shit during the address. Banal, inane crazy thoughts. Self-righteous bullshit that needed to stay in their tiny fucking skulls.

    Honestly, these fucks, all of them should be fired. Immediately. No questions. Or at least have their fucking thumbs removed.

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