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“Rorschach’s friend to the animals”


grammar police brutality

I got an email yesterday from the girl who runs my school’s grad council. We’ll call her Dotty. Dotty regularly sends mass emails to all the university’s grad students letting us know about speakers, socials, and other such things that 95% of us have no interest in attending.

The title for this particular email read: “Graduate Student Invitation to Conversate w/ Michelle Singletary.”

This use of a non-whimsical imaginary word was disturbing, but it was more disturbing that one Beverly Davis felt the need to hit “reply all” before sending a correction complete with indignant exclamation points–which, I assure you, is the grammar snob’s way of saying “Dottie, you are an illiterate slut.”

It just makes people who care about the English language look like douchebags. Hurting the cause, Bev. Hurting the cause.

things that make me happy, #38

When I walked into the on-campus coffee shop this morning before work, “What the Snowman Learned about Love” was about a minute in, right at the point when the overblown sythesizer bit fades away into, like, the prettiest song ever.

I can’t think of a sweeter melody to start your day with.

Things that make me cranky, #44

When the person in front of me at the supermarket check-out manages to take up the entire conveyor belt with their three items.

It’s usually older people. The only reason I can guess is that they haven’t logged in as many Tetris hours as those of us born after, say, 1970 have.

“he obviously preferred oral sex to oral hygiene”

So, the Village Voice recently posted lots of creepy clips from Bill O’Reilly’s audio book, Those Who Trespass, read by none other than the man himself.

Have fun.

google image of the day

Brought to you by “Crazy Germans”…

Is that antibacterial?

is that antibacterial?

“sufferin’ sappho!”

Whilst clearing out her apartment in preparation for her upcoming German exodus, Carita stumbled upon some pretty freaking fantabulous Wonder Woman stationery that she graciously willed to me. Booya!

(coming soon to a mailbox near you)

(coming soon to a mailbox near you)