quitting time, pt. 2

Next on the chopping block, Bravo reality tv.

First Project Runway went to hell in a handbasket, and now this travesty of a Top Chef finale.

I guess I always knew these shows were just as schlocky as all the other reality tv stuff I pretend to be too good for, but for a while they at least maintained a veneer of authenticity. Last night was just lame, though. And sad. A truly lovely personality succumbed to a fatal flaw. A consistently formidable competitor’s dominant past performances were deemed irrelevant. And, as a result, the chef who just barely won was not the best (or second best) chef in the finale.

(He also happens, despite all his assertions that he’s “a nice guy,” to be a genuine prick. That’s really secondary, but it doesn’t make it sit any better.)

I’ve decided that, if dumb tv makes me sad instead of happy, it really isn’t worth watching. So I’m done.



12 responses to “quitting time, pt. 2

  1. For future reference, anyone who continuely asserts they “are a nice guy” is always a douche-hole and vice versa. I.e. Murphy “is an asshole” but in reality I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet (asides from Cario of course) or at least thats how I sees it.

  2. Here, Here. I swore a thousand times last night, that if Hosea the douche wins I will never watch Top Chef again. And your right, the finale was so anti-climatic, so lame. It felt rushed and after thought-ish. Last year they went to Puerto Rico and built on the tension. They really worked us all up. This year was like, “Eh.” Were they all too busy pushing Diet Dr. Pepper and their new “I love myself, aren’t I so great.” cookbooks to actually make a propre finally? I am so incredibly disappointed. This could have been the best season. I loved so many chefs this year. Hosea winning is like a festering boil on great chefs everywhere.

  3. Gah! You just called yourself a nice guy! No, Murph, no!

  4. Hosea winning is like a festering boil on great chefs everywhere.

    If it’s any consolation, I think he’s won the $100,000 egg but not the chicken

  5. see my point…

  6. Yeah, that ending sucked. I really do expect my reality to be better scripted than that.

    That said, if Gail’s boobs return for a sixth season, I’ll watch.

  7. Touche, Murphy…

    I’m with you, Yuri. I guess they thought their viewing public hated Stefan enough that they wouldn’t notice how weak it was to hand him a loss over a dessert with “dated presentation.”

    What they didn’t bank on, I guess, was that their viewers hated Hosea more. (They only person they hate more might be Casey Thompson.)

    (Disclaimer: I know a lot of folks disliked Stefan, but I kind of adored him. Almost as much as you adored Gail’s breasts in the finale.)

  8. Jess, I am completely with you about Stephan. Yeah, he was cocky, stubborn, and arrogant but he wasn’t a shitty person AND he could back up all that arrogance with some fine cooking. I loved him, I loved his honesty. Wow, what a refresher. Also, he wasn’t heartless or even ruthless he was just ambitious and focused. I really enjoyed watching him, he made me laugh so many times. Stephan, Fabio, and Carla were my favorites early on. Booo Hosea and Leah! Those two are so lame.

  9. Really, Leah and Hosea were the only two I didn’t like, though I was a bit more tolerant of Leah because I got the impression she still had some growing up to do, and because she at least acknowledged some of her fuck-ups.

    I couldn’t manage an excuse for Hosea, though. Not that he needs me to, seeing as he’s so good at coming up with them for himself…


  10. So, I just looked this up: in the Bible, Hosea married the prostitute Gomer. What sort of a parent does that to their child?

    I liked Stefan a lot. Dude knows how to skin an eel.

  11. re: dated presentation.

    Gail certainly has the ability to compare a lollipop dessert a la 1982 as she was only about 7-12 years old at that time depending on whether you believe the bio birthyear.

  12. No kidding, right?
    I think she must have been going on what the food looked like at all the restaurants Patrick Bateman ate at in American Psycho.

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