It’s the big night!

To get y’all in the mood for the Top Chef finale tonight, here’s my favorite Carla quote from a Q&A she did today for Washington Post’s online edition:

Q: If Tom, Padma, and Gail were foods, what type of foods would they be, which one would you eat, and why?

Carla Hall: Good question! Tom would be a lamb chop because of the strong flavor, some people like it, some people don’t, those who like it really love it and it can be rustic or elegant. Gail would be an apple pie. A food memory that you just smile at, and it’s classic. Padma would be a beautiful French dessert that sits in the window at a patisserie. It’s beautiful but you know the chef took care in preparing it, both beautiful and tasty. I would say Toby would be ugly fruit because it looks ugly but it’s really delicious, so what you see is not necessarily what you get.

(Goooo, Carla!)


8 responses to “It’s the big night!

  1. Je l’adore! Carla est belle.

  2. Stefan is going to FLAY her!

  3. Hoseaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhh

  4. Devastation! Hosea stinks. He doesn’t deserve it. Anyone but him! Poor Carla. I just can’t believe she listened to that girl. WHY!!?? Oh the sadness.

  5. I need to say something else. In the “waiting room” after the meal and subsequent judging, passive aggressive Hosea blurts out, “At least I can say I cooked my own food.” What a fucking thing to say at that moment. Carla is clearly aware of her mistakes, she’s crying over them, and Hosea needs to say THAT to her? What a twat! Stephan, the season’s meanie, even had the grace and courtesy to comfort her. Hope that filled Hosea’s poor empty confidence box. Grr, I really, really don’t like Hosea.

  6. Yeah.
    I noticed that, too. And the funniest part of that is that Hosea’s food that night was definitely influenced by Richard. Richard even said so in his blog.

    So I think part of that comment was him trying to ‘convince’ himself he did in fact cook his own food. Kind of like, over the course of the season, it seemed that not an episode went by when Hosea didn’t feel the need to declare,”I’m a nice guy.”

    I think (I am), therefore I am?

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