Signs of Approaching Apocalypse

On the discussion board for my grad lit seminar, one of my classmates followed a particularly double-(triple?)-entendrified Derrida quote by writing “LOL, Derrida” in parenthesis.

The best part is that I think she was being sarcastic.


6 responses to “Signs of Approaching Apocalypse

  1. Please don’t think me stupid but I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘entendrified’? As in to hear? entendre? And you are referring to Jacques Derrida, the philosopher? Wait! An allusion to Derrida’s ambiguity/ lack of clarity within his concepts? Am I on the right track with this?

  2. What was the Derrida quote that contained the double entendre, out of curiosity?

  3. Acutally, it’s less a double entendre than a basic muddling of meaning born of general, mischevious ambiguity. We read “Plato’s Pharmacy,” and the poster was talking about how Derrida writes that writing is repetition, and that he does so… repeatedly… like, on purpose. (The actual quote was not a lengthy one–just a reference to his, ah, repeated use of the phrase that writing is “repeating without knowing.”)

    The whole essay is about the dual (and sometimes more than dual) meanings of words, though, and I really wanted to write “entendrified,” so I’ll have to ask for forgiveness on this one.

    Besides, y’all are totally missing the point here. She typed, “LOL Derrida” in her post! In parenthesis, like she and the Big D were conversatin’ and she was throwing him a little aside, perhaps whilst rolling her eyes and playfully poking an elbow in his ribs.

    It was amazing.

  4. LOL, I get it. Entendrified, that one worked me over. I had no idea what you meant there. And I did totally miss the point.

  5. No worries. I think Derrida would argue there’s never a “meaning” to writing anyway, so it’s actually very apropos…!

  6. Also, the nerdiest part?
    When I first saw the (LOL, Derrida), I thought it was some sort of weird parenthetical notation.

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