break out yer tiny violins…

Very, very tiny violins:
“Trying to live on $500k in New York City”


6 responses to “break out yer tiny violins…

  1. The author was just being facetious, right?


  2. Struggle, indeed.

    But apparently there’s a silver lining.

    (After reading this one, I’m convinced the writers have to be in on the absurdity. Reporters are not exactly big money makers. Even ones for the NYTimes, right?)

  3. I’m disturbed by the thought of bands of limo drivers with guns. Never thought a drive-by could happen from the window of a limo. Maybe that will be my back-up career.

  4. Yeah, dude. Can’t trust the tinted windows.

    I feel like there’s a scene with murderers in a limo in The Godfather, isn’t there? The one where Sonny gets offed?

  5. oh I have never seen The Godfather. I know, I know…I’m terrible. But I am not really into mafia or violence so that really seems like the pinnacle of things I don’t like. I heard something about a severed horse head and that was enough of a reason not to see it. But yeah, limos…

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