snow wimps!

During a day of partisan garbage on Capitol Hill, the President gave us at least one thing we could all agree on:

(Note the search categories on the first link. Ahem.)


8 responses to “snow wimps!

  1. Agree? The best part of the post article was all the bitching about how his head should roll in the comments section!

    • Whoa–I guess so.
      My favorite: “For the 10th time. IT WAS ICE A 1/4 INCH THICK. You people from other places STFU!!!!!!!!!!!”

      I guess I’ll have to modify my statement to say, “The President said something we could all disagree on irrespective to party lines.”

      Which is still sorta refreshing, right? Maybe?

  2. Ain’t gonna lie, I fell and busted my ass on the way to the metro yesterday…frikkin ice.

    • I almost fell a couple times, too. Though Ty was quick to point out that that’s not different from most of my days.

      I’m still just amazed by the insan-o backlash that people are having against Obama’s comments, which were pretty obviously just light-hearted ribbing. I got a 600 word email–yes, 600–on the Takoma Park listserve today defending the Washington area’s school closings.

  3. Really? 600? I think that kind of defensive nonsense accurately depicts what he joked about.

    But, I do have to say, with the couple of inches of snow yesterday that then turned to icy rain, I hoped for and did not receive DC-esque slush day off.

  4. I would have to agree–
    The whole “lady doth protest too much” thing…

    I forwarded it to you at your gmail account so you could enjoy its insanity. And count the words!

  5. completely off this topic–did you know there now is a Chia pet Obama head? Seriously. That makes the slew of coins and collectible plates look classy.

  6. Oh, crap.
    You’re right.

    At least it’s a “determined pose”…
    Thought that makes me wonder how long it will be till other, less flattering Obama chia poses are out there. Or perhaps they already are…? Hmm.

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