are you in your right mind?

Check out the dancer-person and see what direction she is spinning in.


Find out what it means here

And get your grain of salt here.


5 responses to “are you in your right mind?

  1. There is no way she is spinning anti-clockwise. I watched and watched and she is spinning clockwise. I thought it was going to say most people see it the way I do, but it says most people see her spinning anti-clockwise. It is so strange to me that people see things the exact opposite of me, but refreshing that neither of us is ‘wrong’.

    • Hehe… I couldn’t see the counter-clockwise thing, either–
      I’ve looked at it enough since then that I can now, but the first time I did it it hurt my (left?) brain.

      It definitely raises some interesting questions about the subjectivity of observation…

  2. she is SO spinning clockwise.

    she also has nice breasts (a classic left brain observation according to my textbook)

  3. I did it! I looked at her foot shadow for a bit and suddenly it changed to anti-clockwise. Then I closed my eyes and when I opened them she was back to clockwise. So fricking interesting.

  4. I don’t know, Murphy–
    I think that’s more a Murphy brain observation than a left brain one…

    I couldn’t ‘switch’ it to counter-clockwise at all at first, but now I can switch it back and forth almost at will… Not really sure what that means, if it means anything. But yeah. It’s kinda wild for sure.

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